• 1. NEVER go to meet someone you have only spoken to on line. It isn't cool to be a fool.
  • 2. If someone sends you nasty e-mails or text messages tell your family or your teacher
  • 3. Do not give out your e-mail address or any other information to strangers on line
  • 4. You MUST be 13 years or older to have a Facebook account. Set your PRIVACY set to 'FRIENDS' only
  • 5. Don't do anything that someone asks you to do if you feel uncomfortable + tell someone you trust
  • 6.Do not post or text pictures of yourself that you would be not like EVERYONE to see
  • 7. Set your 'pop up' blocker to stop unwanted website from sending information to your screen
  • 8. Keep all your private information private. Share it only with people you know in real life.
  • 9. At home, before you go on-line always check with an adult . You can keep safe and also have fun.
  • 10. Look for the CEOP button on the NEWS page and read about how it can help you
About us.

 The ABC Project (Attitudes Behaviour Consequences) Limited.


The ABC Project (Attitudes Behaviour Consequences) was created through a joint initiative between Northumbria Police and Newcastle City Council and designed in 2007 to help children in primary schools understand what antisocial behaviour is and how they can avoid it in school and in their local community. The programme is now only available from us.    


 There are programmes for primary school children in years 4,5 and 6.. Each programme has a course-specific workbook with exercises and fun activities supporting the lessons. For children in Year 5, there is an added bonus as they get to see some of  uniform and equipment  police officers use and wear.


 The aim of The ABC Project, which complements the work done in PSHE and SEAL, is to help children make informed decisions about antisocial behaviour and to teach them that each individual must take responsibility for his or her own actions. The programme is recognised by Safe Newcastle as making a contribution to the education and development of young citizens.