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On Line Safety First!


If something on-line has worried or upset you


you must tell an adult you trust as soon as possible


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You should feel safe when you are on line. Make sure you ask an adult before you go on line.

The adult will be someone you know and trust. It could be a parent or guardian.

It might be an older brother or sister.


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The ABC Project

The ABC Project (Attitudes Behaviour Consequences) was a joint initiative between Northumbria Police and Newcastle City Council designed to help children in primary schools understand what antisocial behaviour is and how they can avoid it in school and in their local community.

There are three programmes for primary school children: years 4,5 and 6 covering Key Stage 2. Each programme has a course-specific workbook with exercises and fun activities supporting the lessons. For children in Year 5, there is an added bonus as they get to try on police uniforms and see what handcuffs and some of the other police equipment is really like. Of course, because some of the equipment would be dangerous in the hands of children, the activity is limited to those items they may safely handled.

Recognised by Safe Newcastle for the role it plays in educating and informing young children, the programme is now operated idependently and is only available by contacting The ABC Project (Attitudes Behaviour Consequences) Limited.

 You can obtain further information about the programme and how to book a course for your school by contacting enquiries at The ABC Project