What is antisocial behaviour?

Did You Know?

That the law states you can be arrested once you have reached 10 years of age. At this age you are expected to understand the difference between right and wrong.

How it affects people and communities

Antisocial behaviour can make people feel miserable and unhappy in families and communities. Read about the different types of antisocial behaviour and think about who it might affect:

Street Problems
Street Problems include; intimidation - this means frightening or threatening someone - drunkenness, begging, public drug dealing.

Nuisance Neighbours

Rowdiness, loud music or TV's, and refusing to keep dogs quiet that bark non-stop are all examples.

Environmental Crime
This type of antisocial behaviour affects our community. It can ruin public spaces and is expensive to clean up. For example;

  • Fly tipping - dumping rubbish in private or communal areas - these are areas that we are all able to share.
  • Littering - deliberately dropping litter on the street.
  • Graffiti - spray painting or marking property such as bus shelters, walls of houses.
  • Vandalism - damaging peoples' property or other things like telephone boxes or playground equipment.