What is antisocial behaviour?

Did You Know?

That the law states you can be arrested once you have reached 10 years of age. At this age you are expected to understand the difference between right and wrong.

What is antisocial behaviour?

Antisocial behaviour is any behaviour which causes; Alarm, Harassment or Distress


1. Definitions like these exist for a reason. They give us a description of a particular word so that it means the same thing to everyone.

2. What if we all had different ideas of what 'antisocial behaviour' meant - what sort of problem do you think we might have then?

3. Why not write down your thoughts and see if you can describe or say how it might not be easy to know what we should do and what we should not do if we all had a different idea of what antisocial behaviour meant.

Most types of antisocial behaviour fit into 3 categories or types:

1. Street Problems - example: people doing things that upsets or annoys us on the street

2. Nuisance Neighbours - example: neighbours who are noisy or throw there rubbish into the garden or street

3. Environmental Crime - example:  breaking bus shelter windows; snapping  branches from trees


Can you discover what these words mean:


alarm, harassment or distress?

How would you feel if you were alarmed?

How would you feel if you were harassed?

How would you feel if you were distressed?

If you do not know what the words mean, where could you look to find out the meaning of each one? You could look in a special book that has definitions - what words mean- do you know which book it is? Look up the words and discover what each one means.