What is antisocial behaviour?

Did You Know?

That the law states you can be arrested once you have reached 10 years of age. At this age you are expected to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Consequences of ASB in/out of school

Andy is a character who lives in the ABC Project workbook. If you have done the project at your school, you will have met Andy and his friends and talked about the things they did and the decisions they made. Andy is not a real person. His friends are not real people either. His friends are called Ghada, Cheung and Tavisha.

Read through the steps that 10 year old Andy takes inside and outside of school. You will see that each one of his antisocial actions has a bad consequence:

Action: Andy does not hand in his homework on 3 occasions

Consequence: Andy is given detention and his parents are informed

Action: Andy is caught bullying another pupil

Consequence: Andy is taken to see the School Counsellor and is given an antisocial behaviour contract with certain terms.

Action: Andy breaks the rules of his antisocial behaviour contract when he is caught bullying another pupil.

Consequence: Andy is excluded from school for a number of weeks.

Action: Andy is outside and bored because he is not at school with his friends. He is caught vandalising a phone box.

Consequence: Andy is given a Child Safety Order. His parents are given a Parenting Order.

Action: Andy breaks the rules of his Child Safety Order.

Consequence: Andy ends up with an antisocial behaviour order (ASBO) for 2 years! For more information about antisocial behaviour and the consequences click here

Andy's story has told us that all individuals with antisocial behaviour at school will quickly learn the bad consequences of their actions. Each school is different in the way they deal with bad behaviour but any individual committing antisocial behaviour will receive some, if not all, of the following consequences: We can all see that this would mean we would not learn anything at school. What do you think might happen to us then, if we were unable to write or read or add up?