Test it

If you think you are all clued up on how to keep safe in different situations, take our test....Be warned though, if we think you are not ready to do the test you will not be able to complete it and will be advised to go back to the Read It pages!

Why is it important to make good decisions?

What is a pedestrian?

How would you keep safe as a pedestrian?

Who should make sure your bike is safe before you use it?

Pedestrians and cyclists should wear reflective clothing. What is the main benefit of reflective clothing in the list below?

When you are on public transport and someone sitting next to you is making you feel uncomfortable, what should you do?

Giving out personal details to strangers on the internet is not a safe thing to do. What are personal details?

You are online and someone sends you a message you do not like. What should you NOT do?

Drugs prescribed by a doctor are:

Abusing alcohol means;