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There are different types of drugs which come in different forms. Legal drugs are those prescribed by our doctors which make you better when you feel ill., however they can be misused and can seriously damage your health. Illegal drugs are very addictive and dangerous.

Alcohol is a legal drug. If abused can seriously damage your health.

Drugs and Alcohol

There are different types of drugs and they come in many different forms. The drugs, sometimes called medicines, that are prescribed by our doctors are legal drugs and can be a very good way to make you well when you are ill. They are for you and should not be shared with anyone else. Even though these drugs are legal they can still become addictive  if misused and they can seriously damage your health. Never leave medicines lying around because young children may mistake them for sweets

Alcohol is a legal drug. If abused or misused it can seriously damage your health.

Illegal drugs like cannabis (hash), ecstasy, speed (amphetamines), cocaine and heroin are very addictive and very dangerous. They may damage your health so that a doctor can not make you well again. Also, when people are under the influence of drugs, they may not be able to control what they do or what happens to them.

Becoming addicted to any drugs, even those that are legal such as alcohol, may make you behave in unusual ways. For example, people who have drunk too much alcohol may stumble into the path of traffic and get knocked down. Sometimes, people who are addicted to unlawful drugs will steal to get money so they can buy more drugs. The need to have more drugs is too powerful. The person knows that they should not steal but  their addiction takes control of what they do. Of course, that does not mean that it is right to steal but it does show what might happen to someone who becomes addicted to unlawful drugs or to something else.

Some unlawful drugs (Hallucinogenic) make people imagine they are able to do things that are impossible or can only be done with a lot of skill and training. In trying to complete the tasks, the person misusing the drugs may be seriously injured. An example would be a person who, because they have taken certain unlawful drugs, imagines they are a tightrope walker (but have absolutely none of the skills needed). In trying to walk on a tightrope they are likely to fall off and hurt themselves.

Alcohol and ages:
This is a guide for information only and not a definitive statement of the law

18 years or over
May purchase and consume alcohol where it is lawful to do so
Commits an offence if they purchase alcohol for a person under 18 years of age [For exception, see entry for 16 or 17 years, below]

Under 18 years
Cannot purchase alcohol, drink it in a bar of licensed premises, or purchase it in an off licence
Must not be sent to off licence to obtain alcohol for anyone, whatever the age of the person sending
Cannot work in a bar selling alcohol

16 or 17 years

Can consume beer, wine or cider with a table meal in the proper part of licensed premises and is accompanied by someone 18 years or over

Under 5 years
Must not be given alcohol with certain exceptions

Purchase includes attempting to purchase. Table meal means at a table or bar used for the consumption of food by people who are seated at the table or bar and no-one else)

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