Making Good Decisions

Did You Know?

There are different types of drugs which come in different forms. Legal drugs are those prescribed by our doctors which make you better when you feel ill., however they can be misused and can seriously damage your health. Illegal drugs are very addictive and dangerous.

Alcohol is a legal drug. If abused can seriously damage your health.

Making Good Decisions


It is important to make good decisions so that we keep safe. 

Everyone has the right to be safe. 

We must think about the risks - what could happen to us - before we do something.






  • That way we can make good decisions.


  • That way we can keep safe.


 All children take some risks. It is part of growing up. Have you thought about how big the risk is you are taking? Is it something that might end up with you being hurt or worse? Think! Do not let your friends make the decision for you.