On Line Safety First!


If something on-line has worried or upset you


you must tell an adult you trust as soon as possible


click the CEOP button to find out more



You should feel safe when you are on line. Make sure you ask an adult before you go on line.

The adult will be someone you know and trust. It could be a parent or guardian.

It might be an older brother or sister.


(CEOP is part of the UK Policing network)






Use your mobile phone wisely

Don't allow anyone to encourage, threaten, demand, insist, beg ....    in fact, you decide what you do and what photos you take with your phone
1A. Remember that a photo you share with one person could appear on the internet for everyone to see, 1B. Is it a photo you would be happy for everyone to see?
2A. Once you have sent a photo to someone, you have mostly lost all control over what happens to it next 2B. How would you feel, if you were unable to control what happened to your photo?
3A. If someone asks you to send them a photo of yourself and you feel worried about it, speak with an adult you can trust 3B. Sometimes, problems are just too big for young people to deal with by themselves. Tell someone you trust.


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