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Achieve To finish something and reach a goal. Especially after a lot of hard work
Activities Things you do. Actions you take. Something done to achieve a goal


You want it all of the time and feel you can't get through the day without it.
Adulthood When we reach the age of 18.
Alarm You feel sudden fear or anxiety.

Antisocial Behaviour     Contract

An agreement you would have to sign for your head teacher to say you will not behave in an anti-social way again. It will also warn you what the consequences are, or what will happen to you if you act in an anti-social way again.
Arrested You are prevented from doing what you want to do. You may be taken to a police station and put in a cell or detention room. The police may be able to keep you there for up to 24 hours before they charge you with a crime.
Attitudes Attitude is a way of thinking. Your attitude could be good, bad, positive or negative.
Behaviour This is what you do.
Bullying This is something that someone does over and over after they have been asked to stop. It can be  different things. Teasing, name calling and hitting are some examples. Have a look at our Bullying Lesson.....
Child Safety        Order This means you will be supervised by an officer who is there to make sure you work with your family to help stop your bad behaviour.
Citizen Someone who lives in a your community - your neighbour, for example


Strings attached! For example, you borrow a friend's bike and the condition is that you must return it tomorrow at 2pm.
Confidential Whatever you tell the person (as long as it is not life-threatening), they will keep it themselves.
Consequences It is what happens because if your action. Consequences can be good or bad.
Detention Being kept back after school or at a break time, maybe to do more work.
Dishonest When you lie or do not tell the whole truth.
Distress You are sad or upset.
Excluded permanently You are never allowed to go back to your school.
Freedom You are able to do what you choose to do. For example, when you reach the age of 18 you are allowed to buy alcohol in all licensed premises. At this age, you have the freedom to make your own choices.
Freedom of      speech We are allowed to say what we think, unless there is a law that stops us saying something. For example, we cannot say bad things about people even if we do not like them.
Goals Targets. Tasks. Something you aim for or try to achieve.
Harassment You are being irritated or annoyed. You may be followed about.
Highway Code This booklet contains information for any road user. It can be used by pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and drivers of motor vehicles.
Illegal This is not within the law and you are not allowed to do it. It will be a crime if you do it. You may be arrested. You could end up in court.
Intimidation You are threatened or scared by someone.
Laws Rules that you must follow with a punishment if you do not.
Legal It is within the law, so you are allowed to do it.
Misused This is when you use something incorrectly. You may be using it too much.
Original Condition The way the item looks at the time it was borrowed, for example.
Parenting Order Your parents / carers are required to attend counselling sessions to help improve your bad behaviour. A counselling sessions is one where someone explains what has to be done and listens to the other persons problems then helps them deal with the problems.
Parliament A council for discussing government business. This is where the MPs work.
Pedestrian Someone who walks.
Permission When someone lets you do something, for example, to borrow his or her property.
Personal Details Details about you, like; your name, address, date of birth.
Police Custody After arrest, you may be placed in a cell and the police can keep you there for as long as they need to gather evidence until you have been there for 24 hours.
Prescribed Given to you by your doctor, in the case of medicine or written down in Parliament, in the case of laws.
Property Any item.
Reflective It reflects lights and makes the person wearing the reflective clothing able to be seen in the dark when lights shine on them.
Responsibilities Something you must do. A responsibility to look after your property is an example.
Rightful owner The person who bought the property or who it belongs to. For example, you are the rightful owner of the bike you were given as a present. You are also the rightful owner of the apple you bought with your pocket money.
Rights Something you have from birth. For example, you have the right to see the doctor or to go to school. Children living in other parts of the world do not have all the rights that you enjoy.
Risks These things could be dangerous to you.
Rules What you must do.
School Council This is made up of pupils and teachers who meet up to discuss the rules in your school.
Suspended You are excluded from school for several weeks but not forever.
Temporarily You do not have something forever. You have it for a certain amount of time.
Unique Different from other things or people.
Warning You will be spoken to by your teacher and told not to do this again and they may list the consequences if you were to do it again.