What is a crime?

Did You Know?

The law uses the word 'sovereign' to describe the king or queen who is the head of a country. That is because the word 'sovereign' would apply  to the monarch, whether it was a queen or a king.

A monarchy is a country that has a king or queen as its head. The law says that the sovereign cannot commit an offence. The words they use to describe it is to say, 'The sovereign is above the law'. Some countries still have kings and queens but those people do not have a role in the government of their country, unlike the sovereign in the United Kingdom. The sovereign in the UK does not make the laws but he or she must agree to each one before it can be used. This is called the royal assent and you can find out more by clicking on the highlighted words.

There are also special rules for official people who represent an overseas country and live in the United Kingdom. These rules apply throughout the world, to safeguard officials from one country when they are living in another country.

What is a crime?


Crimes? Tell me about them!


A crime is anything that you do that can be punished by the law. It is an act or behaviour that leads to breaking an existing law which can result in a  fine, arrest or imprisonment
Dropping sweet or crisp papers or any other rubbish in the street is a crime too. Sometimes we do not stop to think about the consequences of what we are doing.

Sometimes, we do not think that what we are doing is a crime. We know it is a crime to steal but, what about writing your name on someone's property without their permission?

Writing with a pen on someone's wall when we do not have permission is also a crime but do we stop to think that it might also get us in to serious trouble?

                                                Remember, anyone who commits a crime will get into serious trouble -


                                                                     think before you act -






                            Make a good decision, keep out of trouble.