Children & Crime - Do it

On Line Safety First!


If something on-line has worried or upset you


you must tell an adult you trust as soon as possible


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You should feel safe when you are on line. Make sure you ask an adult before you go on line.

The adult will be someone you know and trust. It could be a parent or guardian.

It might be an older brother or sister.


(CEOP is part of the UK Policing network)





Children & Crime - Do it

What is it like to be in a police station after being arrested? Work your way through the plan. Look in the cells. What do you think it would be like if you were locked inside a cell?

Now you are familiar with what happens after a person is arrested, let's have a look into the court. This is a picture of a real Magistrates Court.

There are 3 Magistrates in a Magistrates Court. They may be called 'Justices of the Peace'.

Their job is to listen to criminal cases and they will decide different things such as whether an offence has been committed, whether the defendant (the person who the police think committed the offence) is guilty or not guilty and what punishment they should get.

Work your way through the interactive court building below. Click on a person to see what they do. Can you learn all the names of the things you see in the court?

Once you've done this try Testing yourself