Bullying - Do it

On Line Safety First!


If something on-line has worried or upset you


you must tell an adult you trust as soon as possible


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You should feel safe when you are on line. Make sure you ask an adult before you go on line.

The adult will be someone you know and trust. It could be a parent or guardian.

It might be an older brother or sister.


(CEOP is part of the UK Policing network)





Bullying - Do it

You can now watch a short video on bullying. Can you answer the questions below afterwards?

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Can you think about the following and write your thoughts down?:

Question 1: What do you think the bullies were doing to the boy in the video?
Question 2: Why do you think the bullies chose to bully this boy?
Question 3: How do you think the boy in the video felt?
Question 4: How did he feel about going to school?
Question 5: How did Childline help him to solve his problems?